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The Brighton Business Show

The Brighton Business Show broadcasts monthly on RadioReverb 97.2fm on the third Sunday of the month at 2pm, then repeated in the following week at 10am on Wednesday and at 7am on Friday. You can hear from local entrepreneurs, find out about schemes you could be taking advantage of, hear about events you may want to attend and pick up tips from business experts.

Click here to listen to the Brighton Business Show podcast on Podomatic. Or search on iTunes to find the show.

The embed below will play one show from May 2016.

The Brighton Business Show on iTunes

What can the show do for you?

Sponsor the show!

RadioReverb is run by volunteers and funded by donations and sponsors, which keeps us independent and ad free. If you are interested in sponsoring The Brighton Business Show please send me an email to find out how you can support the station whilst promoting your business. You can click here to find out more about RadioReverb.

Got some news to share?

Invite me to your business event, I like to do on site interviews with event organisers and guests to let Brighton know what you are up to.

Won an award? Doing an amazing charity fundraiser? Opened a new space? Send me your news via email or tweet and I can mention it in the regular news section. Press releases or a link to an informative blog are great because they can give me all the information needed: who, what, where, when, why, etc.

Maybe you can come on the show as a guest? Ideally, you will either have an event or some news to talk about or expertise in a area that will appeal to business people.

Please bear in mind that the show is broadcast monthly and I try to plan months in advance so giving me plenty of notice means you are more likely to get covered.

The Elevator Pitch

Are you brave enough to take on The Elevator Pitch challenge? You have one minute to introduce yourself, tell listeners about your business and make them want to find out more. Listen to the show embedded above and you will hear 2 companies doing the Elevator Pitch Challenge at about 5 minutes in.

Instant content

Please do feel free to use the embed code on Podomatic to embed the player on your website (select the Share button and this will come up). This gives you easy access to regular monthly content for your own website and helps me get the show heard by more people.

Can you help me?

Please spread the news about the show, maybe you know someone with news to share or who would make a great guest? There are a few ways that you can help that I would much appreciate, if you have time.

I look forward to hearing from you!

If you would prefer to have audio content and podcasts produced for your own purposes please get in touch. Or for a more visual element, check out the video content I could be producing for you.